Why choose Us?

Why choose Us

Our knowledgeable sales and technical staff will work with you to understand your objectives and ensure precise results. M.I.PANAGIOTARAKOS & Co. has been in the rubber product manufacturing business since 1960 and we are as committed to excellence today as we were then. Discover how the efficiency and quality offered by our company can provide you with greater business benefit.

Our Mission

Our company focuses on a core competency of molding rubber parts. We like to build a partnership with our customers and constantly work to be your “best” supplier. We are committed to pursuing the best technology and resources available in the industry to design, engineer and manufacture superior molded rubber products that exceed all customer requirements for quality and service.

Our values

In our company we consider our team of experienced employees a valued asset. We are proud of our continued dedication to investing in the expertise of our employees, which enables us to maintain a status of quality performance and leadership. Everyone of us takes responsibility of their work, which involves making sure that every customer is provided with high quality, custom rubber molded products.

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